5 Significant cybersecurity risks that companies must consider

Human Factors and People’s Interactive Mindset: Company employees can be a mainstay for cyber threats because they are more likely to open phishing emails or download links that can turn into malware. In addition, senior management or individuals at C level will be less likely to become malicious insiders. As a result, serious concerns about the misuse of concessions by lower-level employees are more common as they become insidious and measures should be taken to overcome this problem.

2. Password protection measures play an important role: Companies should be fully aware that they must maintain all important business accounts with two-factor password authentication so that they cannot be easily hacked. This password must be changed once within 30 or 45 days to keep it safe and secure.

3. Infrastructure aging and strict patch management are essential: Apart from the above mentioned security risks, devices can also be a major problem as the life cycle of most devices is reduced rapidly these days. Buy only new devices that can support updates so that the aging factor can be eliminated. Recent attacks such as WannaCry and Petya Outbreak have emphasized the importance of regular software updates that must be addressed. Even for Eternal Blue, it allowed malware to spread within the corporate network without any user interaction, making these outbreaks very serious. The above incidents demonstrate the importance of protecting vulnerable systems and debugging is an important way of doing this.

4. Difficulty in merging data: It is interesting to note that the amount of data flowing through an organization can confuse an individual for reasons with extremely important information. It can be about employees, partners, stakeholders, service providers etc. But a combination of different data sources is important for a clear understanding of the various risks involved within or outside the organization.

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