A Comparison of Economy Class and First Class

You often hear people compare the airline’s first and economy class, and check the minute details of the facilities and services. Despite some exceptions, the two layers are distinct. With such a difference in prices, services also naturally vary.

For some, first-class aviation is excessive. Especially when it comes to long-haul flights, comfort is a top priority and it offers nowhere better than first class travel. Despite the high prices, first class travelers prefer to travel through this category as it provides justice through its great services which are exclusively provided to first class passengers.

On the other hand, there are still people who can only dream of first class aviation, and consider it only a will and a waste of precious resources. Although they may not be very satisfied with economy class services, they feel that it is much better than the fare they pay to fly.

Of course, it is just a matter of preferences and budget of course.

Compare two plane squares for better viewing!

1. Economy Class
Before boarding, passengers can often judge the airline’s services at the airport. Unfortunately, first class passengers hardly get any benefits and privileges. Although lounges rarely have comfortable seating, they are often crowded. Having a seat for yourself is not guaranteed. Depending on the size of the aircraft, the arrangement of seats varies by economy class. However, almost all of these places have little leg space and only room to breathe.

It is worth noting that Japan Airlines, Garuda Indonesia and Qatar Airways make the best economy class seats. When it comes to food, there is a limited option for travelers. Most of these are provided in disposable containers. Although economy class passengers also provide good quality entertainment, it would be unfair to compare them to the first class. Economy class travelers are better in two ways; Upgrade to first class through air miles and choose economy class airline.

2. First Class
As mentioned above, they are definitely two separate poles. From the terminal, first class passengers are treated like royalty. Coming in first grade, transportation is even more enjoyable with comfortable seating, shower, spa facilities and fine dining. The journey is even more amazing. Facilities such as better leg space, more breathing space, better facilities and superb food make it worth a visit. The best way to develop a first class is to offer flat surfaces and individual wings on first class cruises.

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