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Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, and is also known as the main IT hub of the country. Hyderabad is well connected to other major cities by road, rail and air. Hyderabad, for its information technology center, flooded into the main multinational and local business houses visited by hordes of travelers.


Hyderabad has a tropical humid and dry climate. The average annual temperature is 26.6 ° C.

Summer (March – June) is hot and humid, with a high average in the mid to highest grades in the 1930s. The maximum temperature often exceeds 40 ° C (104 ° F) between April and June. The coldest temperatures occur in December and January, when the lowest temperatures sometimes fall to 10 ° C (50 ° F). May is the hottest month, with daily temperatures ranging from 26 to 39 ° C (79–102 ° F); The coldest temperature ranges from 14.5 to 28 ° C (57–82 ° F) in December.

art and craft

Hyderabad adopts the 16th-century art styles of Golconda and Hyderabad, which are similar to the use of gold and white in Golconda’s paintings. Although the Hyderabad art form was accepted during the Nizam’s rule during the seventeenth century. It uses rich colors and landscapes, cultures, regional fashions and ornaments.

From delhi

The capital of India, Delhi is the gateway to all Indian cities. It is more than just the capital and political center of the country. The city is influenced by Mughal culture, art, architecture, entertainment and fashion. Delhi is not limited to this and more. Every year in this city there are footprints in crores. Delhi is a melting pot of diverse culture, so there are many people who want to settle a lot due to the welcoming and family atmosphere. Delhi has a completely different environment than other cities in India, and the city serves all age groups and regions. Not only people traveling for business, but also entertainment. Delhi is located on the northern roads of some foreign places for vacation. If you decide to travel from Delhi to Hyderabad, you will have the opportunity to see the royal buildings of a bygone era. Both cities were submerged under Islamic rule in the past but everything is visually different, it is taste, culture, tradition, language, architecture, etc. There is no definite list of being around this city with diverse culture.

Flights are the best option when traveling to any destination in India. So if you want to travel from Delhi to Hyderabad with the best deals on hand, you have several online portals to compare and get the lowest prices from Delhi to Hyderabad.

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